Institutional Quality Assurance Cell, BUET

Institutional Quality Assurance Cell, BUET

Director's Message

Message from Director, IQAC

BUET is a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and research. The institution has more than 150 years of history in providing engineering and technical education. Over the years, the institution has gradually grown into a tertiary education institution at its 84th-year mark in 1962. BUET is leading engineering education in the country and in the region by providing transformative education, promoting cutting-edge research, and fostering innovation. BUET has also made its mark in the global scenario by providing graduate engineers working in overseas industries and research organizations over all continents.

Since its inception, all units of BUET have had their own quality management system guided by the Ordinance and Statutes of BUET. To bring similarity across its offices, and institutionalization of the quality culture, the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) started its operation in January 2015.

The IQAC-BUET is responsible for internal quality assurance. This office has supported the administration in formulating the university's vision and mission through stakeholder consultation. It conducts regular capacity-building activities for the teachers and administrative staff. The activities are not limited to academic activities and cover essential aspects to promote a positive workplace culture. All activities of IQAC follow the philosophy of continuous quality improvement. We regularly collect feedback from our stakeholders to refine our activities.

The IQAC-BUET maintains communication with various university ranking systems. The IQAC provides institutional data to the ranking bodies. Parallelly, IQAC-BUET conducts sessions with various stakeholders to inform them how their involvement and support can help BUET to gain positions in these ranking systems.

The IQAC-BUET is currently envisioned to enable the graduates of BUET as future leaders with the competencies of complex engineering problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, emotional Intelligence, and decision making with consideration of the sustainability concepts. Keeping that in mind, the IQAC-BUET is now running a project on the OBE curriculum and accreditation of BUET's undergraduate engineering programs. The project focuses on quality enhancement at the program level and prepares the programs for external accreditation. Through this project, all curriculums have been converted to outcome-based curricula. The programs are now preparing for external accreditation and will soon be ready to submit their application to their respective agencies. The accreditation will provide a wider acceptability of BUET graduates in overseas industries, where our students are mostly entering graduate programs. This has a far-reaching impact as it is likely to positively impact our foreign remittance and foreign direct investment.

Quality Assurance Objectives


Institutionalize the quality assurance culture in accordance with national QA guidelines and international practices;
Ensure that the university’s quality assurance procedures are designed following the QAU guidelines and national requirements;
Develop, maintain and enhance quality of education and people’s perception in favour of the university through consistent quality assurance practice and performance;
Build image of the university with confidence of the stakeholders ensuring transparency, accountability, and good practices in all aspects of management; and
Prepare the university to meet the external quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements.